Volo for your customers


Stream the latest content

Choose the best in TV, music and movies from Volo’s vast and automatically updated libraries


Up-to-date journey information

Check your travel progress with Volo’s state-of-the-art journey tracker


Tap into Volo from your own device

Connect to Volo and access the latest TV, music, movies and more from your own device


Never be without battery

Keep your devices charged using the Volo USB charger to increase in-journey productivity

How do you use Volo?

Gain access to Volo through your own device. Simply:
  1. Open up your device
  2. Access the official train wifi
  3. Open a browser on your smartphone, laptop or tablet
  4. The Volo network form will pop up. Just fill it in and submit
You’re all connected! You’ll now have access to a huge library featuring the latest TV, movies and music. There’s no sign-up procedure, no hidden fees and no frustrating terms and conditions.
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