Volo for your business


Compact solutions

As a small single unit, Volo is as simple to install as it is to configure. There’s no server required and no need for complicated technical jargon. Just hook the Volo box up to your power supply and go.

Configure in minutes

With simple configuration and a dedicated maintenance and repair team, passengers can access Volo’s extensive library quickly and easily. All your passengers need to get onboard Volo is a mobile device, laptop or tablet.

Total access all the time

Equip your airlines, trains, busses or boats with a top-spec wireless media server for your customers

Install anywhere

Volo's lightweight, maintenance free server hardware enables users to connect with their own mobile devices, eliminating the need for extensive and intrusive hardware installation

Focus your advertising

With complete connectivity, Volo allows you to push targeted ads to your customer without disrupting their journey.

A tiny hardware footprint

Volo doesn't require permanent installation, so there's minimal loss of valuable space

Data and energy efficient

Because Volo is mobile-data efficient and functions on a battery pool, you can enjoy low data usage all year round with minimal running costs

A whole host of other features

Volo's wireless content management system comes with a range of extras, including instant messages to your customers, live news feeds and real-time travel reports

Technical services, always available

Volo’s global support network provides the best in turnkey travel entertainment services. Our custom service programs are designed around your needs, allowing you to get the most from Volo and enrich the passenger journey from start to finish.
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