About us

At Volo, we have a vision

Volo was founded on the belief that no one should have to ‘endure’ a journey. We believe that reaching your destination shouldn’t require downtime. We believe that no holiday should start with ‘making do’ without entertainment. The journey is what you make of it. Volo provides the tools that allow you to make more of your journey.
On the train bound for an important business meeting? Volo gives you the tools to keep working right until you pull into the station. Riding the ferry with the family to your dream holiday? Volo gives you access to the latest movies, music and TV shows-direct to your personal device, meaning the holiday starts before you even reach your destination.
That’s our Volo vision: a world of connections, uninhibited by distance or accessibility; a world where the journey means as much as the destination.


Volo was originally intended as a mid-transport entertainment system, with both the hardware and software developed by the Volo team. Since then, Volo has gone from strength to strength. After delivering the world’s first on-demand seatback touch screen entertainment system, Volo was recognised with a slew of awards, including the Railway Forum Innovation’s top prize, a Passenger Infotainment Innovation of the Year award and a Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award. Volo screens were the first to pass the European rail crash standards test and have been installed in trains across the planet by some of the world’s biggest rail companies.
Now entering a new phase of it’s evolution, Volo is looking forward to taking this innovative technology to a new generation of passengers. With a range of new technological developments, Volo is ready to add a new level of connectivity and cost-effective entertainment to the global transport industry.


Based across two continents, the Volo team established its base in London, UK, back in 2008. Since then, the company has expanded to include an office in Taiwan, from which it conducts its Asia operations. With a team comprised of some of the brightest minds from a range of industries, Volo is dedicated to providing the ultimate in-journey entertainment experience.

Peter Morrison

Chief Executive

Declan Thompson

Commercial Director

Steve Caffrey

Technology Director

Douglas Rennick

Business Development Director

Benjamin Graham

Communication Director

Man-Chun Chan

Digital Executive

Gabriele Gimbutaite

Account Manager