Volo makes every journey easier, connecting passengers and assuring a richer travel experience


What is Volo?

  • Smart media solutions for your business – Volo is the premier wireless media server for the commercial air, road, rail and sea transport sectors
  • Quick and easy to install – Volo allows your customers to stay connected for the entire journey
  • First-rate digital media solutions – Customers can access the best in TV, music and movies or keep up-to-date with business as they travel-ensuring a gratifying journey every time

Volo for your business

  • Total access all the time – Equip your airlines, trains, buses or boats with a top-spec wireless media server for every customer
  • Install anywhere – Volo’s compatibility enables users to connect with their own mobile devices, eliminating the need for extensive and intrusive hardware installation
  • Focus your advertising – With complete connectivity, Volo allows you to push targeted ads to your customer without disrupting their journey

Volo for your customers

  • Stream the latest content – Choose the best in TV, music and movies from Volo’s vast and automatically updated libraries
  • Up-to-date journey information – Check your travel progress with Volo’s start-of-the-art journey tracker
  • Tap into Volo from your own device – Connect to Volo and access the latest TV, music, movies and more from your own device, whenever you want

Install the Volo box quickly and easily on your commercial and business transport systems


Equip your passengers with the latest entertainment and in-journey connectivity


Deliver sponsored content direct to your passengers’ wifi devices or seatback systems


Provide up to date travel information straight to your passenger's devices


The preeminent provider of wireless media – for road, rail, sea and air





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Installing Volo on your train system adds a new dimension to your customer’s journey. Make transferring trains easier for your passengers. With industry-leading speeds and an extensive content library, Volo provides for every aspect of in-train entertainment and information services. It’s the start of a journey they’ll never forget.

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Covering every sector of the commercial transport industry, including private bus services, Volo enables complimentary streaming of movies and TV straight to travellers’ laptops, tablets and smartphones without the need for a data connection. Stay connected and enjoy top rate entertainment from departure to destination.

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Give your passengers unlimited access to the latest movies, TV and music for their smartphones or tablets, connect your network with Volo and provide to-the-minute journey updates courtesy of the in-flight journey-tracker, and increase in-flight passenger productivity to deliver a richer travel experience.

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With no sign-up process and a simple, easy-to-use interface, your passengers can enjoy a huge range of high definition TV, music and movies direct to their device. With no install fee, Volo’s simple, clean technology makes it one of the leading passenger information systems (PIS) in the world.